agitation against gentrification

*Zine for the autonomous zones event
When struggle in the city takes territory pdf

*Political statement of the squat Terra Incognita-International call for solidarity
In the morning of 17th of August Terra Incognita gets TEMPORARILY evicted by the repressive forces of neoliberalism. Police forces intrude in the building and conduct researches for hours and confiscations. Days after the eviction the squat still remains open with cops celebrating TEMPORARILY their capability of violating every corner of our liberalized grounds. (read more)

* reoccupy “Dervenion 56” Squat and police violence

Friday 26 June 2020 scores of policemen evicted “Dervenion 56” Squat that used to house refugees at the Exarchia area of Athens. In the night of the same day, approximately 250 people gathered in solidarity and marched in protest through the neighborhood of Exarcheia, a protest that led to the evicted squat at Dervenion Street, where chains of protesters on each side of the road, creating human barricades, safeguarded the seamless reoccupation of the squat. A few minutes later dozens of riot policemen and police bikers flooded the area but it was already too late. The squat had been taken over. Followed by unprecedented scenes of police violent rampage -even for the character of the greek cops that are known to be constantly breaking the law- took place in the neighborhood of Exarchia on the night of Friday, July 3, 2020.

*Koukaki fell heavy on them
…the Koukaki Squat Community raised an embankment against the repressive and economic policies of the state and the bosses, against fascism, racism, and patriarchy. A living hearth of resistance, it also actively supported and connected with other struggles, political projects and public assemblies… (read more)

* PDF: ‘A sea of possibilities in the concrete desert: Territory, city and insurrection’ – Madrid & Berlin

This publication is a compilation of texts that emerges from the discussions and the work we started in the wake of the event “A sea of possibilities in the concrete desert. Territory, city and insurrection” that happened in Madrid during June 2019 in Local Emboscada and Local Anarquista Motin.

* An Ultimatum to the Berlin Senate & the Housing Companies (Video)

“We expect the renunciation of evictions of housing projects, occupations / squats and an end to forced evictions. Furthermore, we expect the announcement of a 50% reduction in rent from the housing companies.”
– Autonomous Groups

Video description: The video starts with the text of the ultimatum, followed by arson attacks against luxury cars and stores in gentrified suburbs of Berlin in 2016 and 2019. Next up is text saying “Who will protect you?” The video ends with footage of the Berlin riot police fleeing while coming under attack from bottles and stones. The context of the video is the looming eviction threat against the autonomous housing project Liebig34 and other occupied spaces in Berlin which has generated a climate of constant attacks against the property and symbols of power, the authorities and their minions.

* The Battle for Ungdomshuset

The Defense of a Squatted Social Center and the Strategy of Autonomy
Ungdomshuset was a four-story autonomous social center located in the Nørrebro neighborhood of Copenhagen. A stronghold of the workers’ movement since the end of the 19th century, it had served the community as a bastion of international squatting networks since the beginning of the 1980s. Twelve years ago today, on March 1, 2007, it was evicted and destroyed in one of the biggest police operations in Danish history. (read more)

* video against the hate speach of the bourgeois press

Video description: The video starts with news in state-owned television channel and a comment from a reactionary politician. the message is: anarchists in Berlin are terrorists because they fight against the rich. after this you see some destructive actions from the autonomous movement to defend our ground.