FLINTA* general assembly 09/09/20

We want to discuss with you several questions concerning our feminist struggles.

We will start on wednesday 09.09.20 at 8pm @Jugendclub (Liebigstraße 19), Friedrichshain.

Here are the questions we thought about to discuss with you:

  1. Wie seht ihr die neuesten Entwicklungen in der feministischen Bewegung? // How do you see the latest developments in the feminist movement?Wie betten sich diese in die Diskussionen in größeren linken Zusammenhängen ein? // How do they embed themselves in the discussions in larger left scene contexts?
  2. Was braucht ihr für einen militanten Feminismus und was erwartet ihr von einem militanten Feminismus? // What do you need for a militant feminism and what do you expect from a militant feminism?

Maybe you want to pre-discuss these questions with youre group. Or if you cannot join the assembly, write us a mail:

moretalkmoreaction@systemli.org (pgp-key we will send to you)

even after the first assembly you can write us because we will have a longer process about this topics 🙂