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An intervention with paint and pamphlets at the offices of the German travel and tourism giant TUI in Thessaloniki

On Sunday, October 11/ 2020, we carried out an intervention with paint and pamphlets at the offices of the German travel and tourism giant TUI in Thessaloniki, sending a first message of international solidarity to the comrades who defend the liberated territories saying that squatting solidarity knows no borders and speaks the same language — the language of non-conformity and dignity.


Solidarity with those arrested after the events of the eviction of Liebig34


Berlin: For the eviction balance, another luxury car added

It’s nice to live at the Rummelsburger Bucht, the idyll at the lake is not clouded by the chic condominiums. The annoying camps of the homeless with their tents and makeshift huts are gradually being crammed between fences, dredged away, mobile video masts on the shore keep watch. Sabot Garden also long gone, was there ever anything uncontrollable, uncommercial in the bay?

The rich idiots live happily on the grounds of the former Rummelsburg prison. How exciting it is to stay in the converted cell wings where people were harassed until 1990. If only there wasn’t this stupid eviction course of the Berlin Senate. For months expensive cars have been burning in the city. The senate justified the evictions with the protection of private property. A hollow phrase. Because the protection of the one (Padovicz) is the damage of many other bigwigs.

Because somebody allegedly claimed 34 million damages as retaliation for the eviction of Liebig34, and we don’t know whether that has now been achieved, in the meantime, we set fire to a fat Mercedes sedan in this elitist neighborhood in the early morning of October 17th. Will the electorate be satisfied with the rulers and get used to the fact that the echo of the social war can be felt from above in the villas of the elites? In the monopoly of the rulers, the calculation will be sober: exchange 1 house in the northern neighborhood for 100 burnt-out tin boxes.

For us, it is still a defensive fight that the power can win with its army of mercenaries. But the dissatisfaction will grow and the smell of burnt plastic will spread all over Berlin.

Frankfurt: 5 Vonovia Cars Destroyed – Long Live Liebig34

In Frankfurt, in the period from August-September, a total of 5 cars of Vonovia’s housing mafia were destroyed in the districts of Rödelheim, Nied, Praunheim, Nordweststadt and Bornheim by some autonomous nocturnal activists in wise foresight of the threatened eviction of Liebig34 .

In each case, the tires were slashed, the windows smashed, and the exterior was extensively embellished with paint or lettering.

Our actions are directed against the Vonovia company, which is responsible for repression and gentrification here in Frankfurt and in many other places, and against the pigs in politics, economy and the repressive apparatus, which were responsible for the eviction in Berlin.

Our solidarity and love to all fighting people of the former Liebig34, Rigaer94 and all other occupied houses!

Our hatred of the dirty cops, the state and the capitalists!

Copenhagen – Solidarity Demonstration


Solidarity to Liebig34 from Community of Squatted Prosfygika Athens
It makes us angry to hear that our comrades of Liebig34 faced an attack of unprecendented scale by authorities and real estate mafia today.

We know that the state, despite all of its lies to the contrary, will never defend marginalized and opressed people, but instead repress them with an army of cops. Within the 30 years of its existence, Liebig34 for 21 years tried to be a safe heaven for women and trans-people, one of the very few places as such in Germany. In times of a massive surge of right wing ideology and patriarchical politics all over Europe it is needed more than ever before. We should continue and extend the fight for liberated spaces despite these setbacks.

In Greece and Germany as everywhere the state attacks projects of struggle not only because they are an obstacle to gentrification and exploitation, but more also because they are real barriers to their plans creating a society that they can control and exploit.
Since we share the same difficulties we think it’s responsible to deepen our international connections in the fight against patriarchy, state and capitalism. Therefore we support the call from Terra Incognita and Interkiezionale for an offensive month of international solidarity.

Support the international action days in Berlin from 30.10.-01.11.!
Solidarity to everyone who has been arrested in the fight!

Pig station in Berlin attacked

Defend Liebig34 – Cop barracks attacked

“Life is a window of vulnerability” – Donna Haraway
On the night of October 7th we attacked a building of the Directorate of Riot Police Operations in Sewanstraße in Berlin-Lichtenberg. We locked doors and gates from the outside, smashed windows with stones and color bottles, rendered a patrol car unusable and overturned the cops’ private motorcycles. With this action we want to express our solidarity with the Liebig34, which is to be cleared in 2 days.

We have thus hit a small window of vulnerability in the local police state and have come a few thousand euros closer to the €34 million bill. The Directorate of Operations was instrumental in clearing the Syndicate and will again take a leading role on October 9.
“Our task is to make trouble, to stir up potent response to devastating events, as well as to settle troubled waters and rebuild quiet places” (Donna J. Haraway).
The evacuation of Liebig34 and the logic of the system it follows mean nothing but devastation. Our task is to relate to it: to create unrest and create alternatives. Liebig34’s struggle against marginalization and oppression is a struggle that many people within this system are exposed to. Liebig34 has created spaces to collectively recover from this and at the same time stands in loud and visible opposition to the devastation of our bodies, our souls, the house and the neighbourhood.
Therefore, October 9 is not only about the Liebig34, but about making visible the devastation that this system produces and the resources that are mobilized to enforce devastation. While it is Padovicz (owner of Liebig34) who gets police protection on the 5th floor of his hotel on Ku’damm, he evicts people who are regularly exposed to misogynist, homophobic, trans-hostile and racist violence. Whoever talks about violence when attacking police stations has never experienced or understood the violence of patriarchal rule!
The cops claim that they must be afraid. Yet it is they who, as Robocops with more than 5,000 goon-men, heavily armed anti-terrorist units and the establishment of a “Red Zone” on Friday, want to clear a queer-feminist house project and stifle resistance. For Berlin, it will be the most expensive and most elaborate eviction since 1990, all so that the state security apparatus can once again stage its legitimacy – on behalf of capital.
It is not the hate for the system but the solidarity with each other that keeps us together and has always made us resist. The Liebig34 struggle has united many people behind it – neighbors, queer feminists from science and literature, militant anarchists and other tenants are behind the house. We feel like a small part of this solidary mass. Let us be strong and at the same time vulnerable, no matter what happens! Let us move into troubled waters to build calm ones.
On the street on 9 October – making eviction a disaster!
Queerfeminism – everywhere & always!

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Berlin: Another fire in a dark period – Amazon vans burned
No matter which colour a government has and which territory it controlls, they began to clear the few spaces in the cities which grew in the hope of another life. Squats and non-comercial areas, which tried to exist against state violence and the racist mood in society, came under pressure.

By supporting the international call of Terra Incognita – who got recently evicted in Thessaloniki, Greece- for an action-month in October and the decision to choose ourselves when to act in order to defend Liebig34 and not to wait until the state’s agenda decides when to evict one of our ventures, on the morning of 06.10. we set on fire two vans of Amazon in Berlin-Neukölln as a message of solidarity with Liebig34, Terra Incognita and other collectives who support their calls.

Amazon is a winner of Corona because they deliver more when people stay at home. They deliver with inhuman conditions to their workers. They collect every kind of data to sell it to other capitalist institutions, they share this data with police and establish more surveilance. Amazon is changing cities, in Berlin-Friedrichshain, where Liebig34 has to leave, they built a huge tower. More offices, more expansive flats for their employes, more upgrading of the neighborhood. Thats why Amazon recived allready many blows, in Berlin and also in US.

We stand in solidarity with the comrades of Terra Incognita and support their decision to keep the collective and continue fighting against the state, the capital and our oppressors. Every eviction has its price and these continuous state’s attacks of this coordinated repression-operations all over the world, on our ventures and on the people of the struggle, will not remain silent. They may take our houses but the nights belong to small groups and their will to sabotage the power.

Destroy the city of the rich and attack the state’s infrastructures before and after every Day X.Defend Liebig34 and Terra Incognita!

Support the international call on the 30.10-01.11

some anarchists

Berlin: Two excavators torched on Implenia construction site – defend Liebig34!
On October 9, the Anarcha-Queer Feminist House Project at Liebig Strasse 34 is to be evacuated. Another eviction that joins a long list of forced evictions and displacement processes of recent years, which are always enforced with all violence and political will, no matter what government. Just like the “Schwarzer Kanal” car park, which resided on the banks of the Spree on Michaelkirchstraße until 2010.

Today, Kreuzberg is the figurehead for marketing strategies to attract nouveau riche and technology companies. And what is still missing there is of course nothing other than luxury apartments and start-up offices. So even this last fallow area of the former car park is disappearing beneath the concrete. Pressure to perform, competition and smart separation are promising. The Elements, as the construction project is called, is being implemented by the Swiss construction company Implenia, which recently achieved some notoriety for its involvement in the new prison building in Basel.
Whoever came up with this name in his or her styled office, whoever is responsible for the construction in the executive suites and political rooms – let them know that we are not forgetting the history that this place actually tells us. Just try to bury it with your diggers, it continues to grow between us and in other places. These are the moments when we discussed at the fire bucket and laughed under trees. Moments when we met in places like these, became rebellious and organized against the monotony and cruelty of the conditions that surround us.
We have no hope in the political theater of parliaments. Politics puts its protective hand over capital and sends its willing henchmen to beat us out of our homes if the law so wishes. There can be no dialogue, because the rulers have long since made it clear where they stand. Innumerable occupations of the last years have been mercilessly cleared away. Tenants are thrown onto the street in the middle of a pandemic, while at the same time there is talk of consideration. There is actually no more dishonest way of doing things.
Well, we will not leave this eviction unanswered either. Because what we are left with is solidarity and the knowledge that we can strike back at any time. Like last night, when we used incendiary devices to torch two excavators at the construction site of “The Elements”. Maybe you should think about the four elements again, fire doesn’t seem to get you very well at least.
Greetings, some chaotics

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Hamburg – Fire and flame to the police station 21
On 28.9.2020 we set fire to a group vehicle of the police in front of the police station in Mörkenstraße.
Fire and flames to the police station 21
– Solidarity with the 3 from the park bench!
– Solidarity with Liebigstraße 34!

The intervention of the neighboring fire department could not prevent a total loss.
In the ’10s, police department 21 was rather ineffective in countering rebellious, insurgent activities in its precinct. Several violent gatherings took place in front of the house of the then mayor and current finance minister, Scholz, which is located almost in the immediate vicinity of the station, the house was pelted with paint, a police container parked in front of the house was demolished, and a police bus belonging to the guards was torched.
In the southern area of the Station 21, in the streets Breite Straße, Palmaille, Große Elbstraße, Klopstockstraße, Elbchaussee, real estate offices, upper class residential buildings, shipping companies (involved in colonial crimes or in the uranium business) were repeatedly attacked. Cars from the “Deutsche See” (fishes the seas empty) and from the “Frischeparadies” (fills the stomachs of the rich) were set on fire. In nearby Ottensen, a dennsbiosupermarket was looted.
And then, during the G20 summit, a Black Block ploughed its way from Donners-Park to the Große Bergstrasse shopping mile just a few hundred meters away from the police station. Helplessly, civil cops had to watch as the shopping zone was flattened. In the night, civilian officers of the Mörkenwache were on their way in the northern district, equipped with mountain bikes, pepper, telis etc. In Arnkielstraße they beat up three suspected barricade builders and arrested them, actually forcing a person into the trunk of a civilian vehicle and an officer sitting on the trunk lid. This brutal arrest led to a resident reported to the police an abduction (!).
On the anniversary of the G20 riots, luxury cars were burning on Rainville Terrace.
One year later, civilian officers of the Revierwache 21, were on the Altonaer Balkon (probably because of the date, they speculated that actions could happen here).
On this night, July 8, 2019, however, they will be ordered to a park near Meißnerstraße in Eimsbüttel. Here they arrested the 3 comrades from a park bench and brought them to the “responsible” guard in Troplowitzstraße. The State Security Service, which had been relatively unsuccessful for decades, quickly presented the arrest as a mega-success against the radical left.
However, the two central goals of the operation, first, to shed light on the militant initiatives of at least the ’10s and second, to prevent militant actions in the future, were not achieved.
Despite months of observation by the mobile task force, wiretapping and surveillance of several locations by cameras, the State Security Service was unable to present any findings that could be used in court. They do not even know what was supposed to happen that night. But at least they could take revenge on the arrested persons, who have now been in custody for 15 months or have reporting requirements.
We call on everyone to fight with the residents on October 9, 2020, the day of the planned evacuation of Liebigstraße 34 in Friedrichshain/Berlin, or to build up pressure before then. The intention to evict is a central component of a pacification of the relatively rebellious northern neighborhood and is intended to break the fighting in Berlin for a solidary city and against the city of the rich.
All power to the inhabitants of Liebig 34!

Blocking the §129 proceedings in Berlin and Athens, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Leipzig, Saxony/Thuringia

We dedicate this action to Olaf Ritzmann, who 40 years ago in August 1980 at Sternschanze station was driven in front of a suburban train by the cops during a mission for the federal election campaign of F.J. Strauß and died at the age of only 16 years.

Leipzig: CG car in flames for Liebig 34

In the night from 24 to 25.9.2020 we set fire to a CG Group van in Reudnitz. We will not let the actors of gentrification and real estate companies rest. We will increase the price of the eviction of Liebig 34 and make the 9.10. a disaster. The action was successful, but unfortunately there was also some collateral damage to neighboring cars. But if you take the houses from us, we will flatten the city! Liebig stays or the city will burn!

Claim for vandalizing a LIDL supermarket in Athens

Responding to the call of Terra Incognita to turn October into a month dedicated to solidarity and standing up for Terra Incognita, but also for every other occcupied ground threatened by reppresion.and the call of Liebig34/Berlin for an action week in September, we damaged on 15/09/2020 the windows of a LIDL in the area of Faliro. Strong windows, expensive windows. Only peanuts on their balance sheet until this kind of actions gets used more frequently.

In timeframes of action calls, our actions will be easy to reproduce and leave the frame of time and space. They protect the center? – we attack in suburbs and enjoy the melody of screaming alarm systems in the deceptive silence while human maschines rest for another day of restless consumption.

Reasons to attack supermarkets were allready mentioned in another action against the same company but also other interventions. Pigs may take the squats but our destruction will become visible in the face of the boring city, turning them into graveyards of burned cars, shattered shop windows and aggressive graffities against steril neigborhoods. This is how we interpret the calls of occupied, threatened or evicted spaces. And this is our way to support every resisting collective which calls for attack.

Berlin: Against the City of the Rich – Solidarity with Liebig 34

In the night to Wednesday, an autonomous group, attacked with stones and paint a luxury new building in Stallschreiberstr. in Berlin, Kreuzberg.

These buildings are some of the many new luxury buildings known as gated communities.

They are luxury apartments with extremely high rents, with stores, supermarkets and kindergartens on the first floors. The aim of this market or industry is to provide the residents (and some owners) with security and order in their bourgeois community life. These complexes form and strengthen the so called “City of the Rich”, the privatization and closure of whole blocks, the strengthening of communities that claim the right to exclude large parts of the society from the use of whole areas of the city due to their financial privileges.

At the same time, people are being pushed out of their neighborhoods and losing their homes, projects are being evacuated and many people are left without work and without homes.

A state that only aims at the development of its economy at all costs uses repression to silence all those it oppresses and privatizes whole cities.

In this way we decided to follow the call of Liebig34 to show solidarity with the resistant parts of Berlin. We also want to send greetings to the movement in Greece, which is also suffering from various evictions.

We support the call for an international demonstration on October 31, in Berlin!

Solidarity means attack!
Solidarity with Liebig 34 and the evicted squats in Greece!

Hamburg: Property Damage and Pyro at spontaneous demo for Liebig34 – Against the City of the Rich!

A short spontaneous demonstration on the topic “Fight for Liebig34” took place in Hamburg on Saturday, 12.09. During the demonstration slogans were shouted, pyrotechnics were ignited and among other things property damage occurred. At the same time, action days for the anarcha-feminist house project, which is threatened with eviction, took place in Berlin.
Around 10 p.m. about 40 people moved from the Karolinenviertel via Stern- and Ludwigstraße to the Schanzenviertel. This despite massive cop presence in the surrounding areas. On the fringes of the demonstration, slogans against the City of the Rich were sprayed and objects were dragged onto the street in several places.
At the office of the agency “Pahnke Markenmacherei” the windows were destroyed and a slogan against the so-called “Paulihaus” was left behind. Pahnke is, together with the companies ARGUS Stadt und Verkehr, steg Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft and Hamburg Team, part of a building consortium for the construction of a six-storey office complex directly on the Neuer Pferdemarkt. The planned project had recently caused a lot of anger among residents.

On Schanzenstraße the demonstration broke up due to approaching riot police. The cops were already present in the neighborhood because of another demonstration nearby and were thus able to gather forces quite quickly. There were probably no arrests/checks there. There are reports of two detentions on Feldstraße; those affected are accused of damage to property.
Liebig34 stays! – Prevent evictions! – Against upgrading of the city and displacement!

Ljubljana – Greets in solidarity to Liebig 34!

Here’s a small contribution to the Actionweek for Liebig 34. We painted this graffiti in solidarity with all the squats in danger. Especially the Liebig 34, because of its singularity in germany as an anarcha-feminist space. Stay updated & active, you can look up information on and



(FAZ): Milli dances for Liebig34 in Aachen

In the early morning hours between August 2nd and 3rd, we, a Feminist Autonomous Cell (FAZ), slashed the tires of two cars connected to the surveillance and security industry, one by an Amazon contractor and one by the surveillance technology company LivEye. This is to show our resistance against surveillance, technological attack and securitization.
The attack is part of a choreography with the action of a Cell in Karlsruhe (GER) at the same time (Tor link: http://raxuatgmxdvnp4no.onion/node/1596537085956703/).

To sabotage both cars, we used a simple kitchen cutting knife to slash all four tires each through the side (not through the tire profile). This makes the air leave the tire immediately rather loudly, but without a bang. This method does not require much strength. In order to not leave traces, one should wear multiple layers of clean disposable gloves. The sharp knife should be transported in a clean package that prevents accidental injuries. After the sabotage, the knife, the package and the disposable gloves can be thrown away separately in some distance to the location. Before starting to work on the tires, we checked that there were no people in the cars and our surroundings.

Amazons, not Amazon

With Amazon and LivEye, we chose two companies we view as responsible for increasing surveillance and gentrification of cities. As one FAZ wrote in summer 2019, Amazon is not only a large capitalist company who enforces bad working conditions, but also supplies surveillance software for states, police and intelligence ( In cities such as Berlin, Amazon also plays a key role in gentrification, whose consequences hit poor people and autonomous spaces especially hard (mor infos e.g. here Amazon cooperates with multiple logistics companies. Their cars can be easily recognized by an Amazon logo on the side, as in our case, or by a sign in the drivers cabin.

LivEye is a company that, among other things, provides (intelligent) surveillance technologies for construction sites and large building projects, but also e.g. for powerplants and windparks. It’s a member of the German security business association.

We committed both actions in solidarity with the anarcha_queer_feminist squat Liebig34 in Berlin.
Liebig34 directly experiences gentrification and repression and currently faces eviction (

The two choreographed actions in Karlsruhe and Aachen (GER), together with the action against the reactionary church Tübinger Offensive Stadtmission by a FAZ in December 2019 (, mark the beginning of a campaign with explicitly feminist topics. We thereby want to support the Liebig34 call for sabotage and riot for the project’s survival and send our solidarity and strength to Liebig34, its habitants and supportees.

Why feminist topics and targets?
Being queer_feminist, to us, means constantly resisting patriarchal, bourgeoise society (and having to). Being forced to defend our bodies, work force, minds and well-being against colonisation and violence. As a Cell recently put it in their text (, however, queer_feminism and militant action are being artificially separated from each other all the time, also in leftist discourse. Either, militant action is being perceived as non-feminist, or feminism is being addressed only under the dogma of ’non-violence’. This self-reduction, to us, is used as a strategy to limit feminist struggles and seperate them from other leftist struggles. Therefore, verbalizing our forms of action and stating our feminist standpoint is of major importance to us.
What this division also means is that connections of feminism and militant action are (and could be even more) powerful. Therefore, we call for feminist militant actions: attacks on stakeholders of patriarchal society such as anti-abortion and conversion therapy propagandists, religious sexists and anti-queers, antifeminists, perpetrators and profiteurs of societal ’beauty’ norms, nazis etc.

We thank the Fantifa Witches from the Black Forest (, the people who sabotaged a Telekom car in Hamburg (, Bosch cars (, and Gunnar Schupelius car in Berlin ( for their greetings and send our best wishes back to you and all the wonderful people acting against patriarchy and oppression. Whether it’s with a lighter or a soup spoon – we are looking forward to the future!

Greetings and kisses,

a Feminist Autonomous Cell

P.S. For those who want to visit Amazon in Aachen again, here are some addresses:

1) Amazon Development Center Aachen
One of Amazons three research centers in Germany. Working here on Artificial Intelligence and Alexa. Amazons Center is located in the building of AachenMünchner (part of Generali) in Aureliusstraße 2, 52064 Aachen.

2) Amazon Hub Locker
Amazon lockers (for more info, see text by other FAZ):
– cherokee: Shell Tankstelle, Prager Ring 106, Aachen
– chantal Shell Tankstelle, Von-Coels-Straße 11, Aachen
– rafi: Shell Tankstelle, Hauptstr. 244, Würselen
– Shell Tankstelle: Erkensstraße 2-4, Herzogenrath

3) Digital Hub in the former St.-Elisabeth-Kirche: start-up location cooperating with Amazon
Jülicher Straße 68, Aachen

4) Vehicles by Amazon logistics contractors: Cars with Amazon logo or sign are parked around the city.

Athens: Responsibility claim – Solidarity for squats, attack against LIDL supermarket

In the night of July 23rd 2020, we sprayed slogans in solidarity to the squats Liebig34 and Rigaer94 in Berlin on the LIDL supermarket in Neos Cosmos / Athens. After we destroyed all windows with hammers.
Every eviction has its price. This is a message do all those responsible for the aggressive gentrification of many European cities, which always goes on with the eviction of squats, the state terror against the radical movement and the rising of rents. We noticed the eviction thread against Liebig34 in Berlin and the attack by so called owners and their companies together with the cops against Rigaer94. With the eviction of Dervenion56 in Exarchia the government of ND continues its operations against the combative and solidarity resistance, which we always will be – with squats or without.

One of many answers to an evicted squat is the destruction of a consumer symbol the capitalist system offers to the inmates of the prisons called the Metropolis. To support the struggle of our comrades in Berlin we found a German company, but it can be also real estate agencies or luxury cars or tourism.

The LIDL supermarket chain was targeted already some time ago in Germany because of its bad working conditions for their employees. This action is an offering of solidarity to this aggressive campaign against the working conditions in LIDL WORLDWIDE. 8 to 10 hours per day with a fake smile for pity money, sitting in front of hundreds of products, in a cashier, becoming a robot which just counts and counts. Or lifting big weights destroying your back. Why all these? What is the role of supermarkets ?

Supermarket are big financial mechanisms which seem very innocent to the majority of the people. The truth is, they are not.

Supermarket are colonizing the economies of local societies in all the earth. All the small markets, grocery stores and other kind of shops are shutting down whenever a new supermarket is opening. There is no need for a new supermarket in most of the areas, its just matter of expanding and absorbing. Also, is reducing the use of local products and producers. Slowly slowly, the residents of an area are becoming workers, mainly women, of this industry, losing all their independence (even in liberal terms)

The opening of chain supermarkets, local or multinational, is also increasing importing of products. This is happening because the production companies are
exploiting people in a cheaper way in other countries, or because they make better offers to a multinational company because of the massive consumption. What is happening at the end is a big consumption of petrol by the ships to transfer products all around the world. The paradox of capitalism, the fact that a product from 2000 miles far is cheaper than the local, is killing faster the nature.

Food Control
All these brings us to the bigger problem. Supermarkets are the greatest tool for multinational food companies to takeover all of our nutrition process. We eat shit, we don‘t produce anything, we need money to buy everything, we need to work for them for ever to be able to buy them and cure our selves from the sickness their food is creating

Do we smash supermarket?
Yes we do. But we have to know that most of the people will not understand why. So we must do more propaganda against this mechanism. And for sure it is better to smash without people being inside. Our target is to spread fear to the side of the bosses not to the side of the random population. But if somebody break a supermarket with people inside without putting someone in danger, its okay, we can overpass it.

Solidarity to Liebig34 and Rigaer 94
We hit the German interests in solidarity with the resistance in the German controlled territory
Solidarity to Dervenion 56 and all the evicted and the still resisting squats in Greece
Support to the workers that suffer in the food and product industry worldwide


A Reply to the City of Berlin’s Declaration of War Against Anarchists
On June 3, 2020, the judiciary opened the way for the eviction and destruction of Liebig34 with its ruling. In doing so, it acted as usual without its own initiative and merely as an instrument of democratic violence. Its clients in district assemblies and the Chamber of Deputies are unwaveringly pursuing the agenda of a city for the rich, for which everything else must be eliminated. They feel legitimized by the participation of about half of the population in the ritual called election. To enforce their fantasies of order and economic interests, they make use of a police force that always tries to sell their sexist and right-wing extremist profile as missteps of individual civil servants, who have to fear neither racial assaults nor murder.

But it is not only coked-up managers who, together with politicians behind closed doors, make the city an object of speculation. To the logic inherent in the system, according to which capitalists chase the highest profit, another phenomenon is added, which puts the biggest obstacle in the way of anarchist perspectives. Through decades of neoliberal propaganda, consumer terror, social chauvinism and the framing of an external threat aka the “refugee crisis”, the inhabitants of the city are being trained for individual advancement, private security and selfish lone warriorship. A look at the renovated and newly built quarters shows families in their privatized playgrounds or young software developers in the hip cafés, all in search of their individual happiness and in complete ignorance of their environment.

This state of affairs must be fought against and for this we need places that do not fall victim to those constraints and norms at the same moment and that offer space to structures with which we do not always have to agree completely in order to defend them with violence.
In a few weeks, voters, politicians and administrators will attack Liebig34 and her neighborhood with paramilitary methods, directly or indirectly through blanket legitimization, take people’s homes and put them on the street – in the hope of coming one step closer to the dissolution of anarchist space. In the northern district of Friedrichshain, Liebig34 and Rigaer94 are the starting point of an offensive self-determined praxis outside of social norms and state normality. Whether the millionaire and homeowner Padovicz gets another house for speculation is of no importance for the capitalist operation of the city. However, in this neighbourhood, among others, the question of the strength and propaganda that the anarchist struggles, starting from the village square, have developed over the last decade, is crystallising. The Senate and also the Minister of the Interior, Geisel, are aware of this situation and are therefore attempting to handle the matter from cover, without a big bang like their predecessor Frank Henkel. Like his predecessors, the current commander of the security services has also manoeuvred himself into the dead end of the planned destruction of one of the remaining visible sites of resistance.

We are countering this strategy with our pinpricks, which will meet with widespread response in solidarity with Liebig34. For the anarchist space extends not only to the visible projects and the people who inhabit or use them, but also to many other invisible networks that cannot bear the hypocritical image of Berlin as a cosmopolitan, prosperous city. The announced attack of the army of cops on Liebig34 , whose approach is unique and with an infectious conflictuality, is not only seen by us as the usual gentrification terror, but also as an explicit attack on the character of the building and as a consequence of the fascist agitation that has been pouring down on the small number of occupied rooms for years.

Despite all the criticism that was levelled against the first groups at the beginning of the 1990s, who responded to repression with approaches from a neighbourhood militia, it must be noted that certain strata and actors only understand the language in which we spoke to them on the 8th of June on Arkonaplatz in Mitte: Four luxury cars (Porsche, SUV and others), the expensive toys of the middle class pack surrounding them, were set on fire in response to their declaration of war. It is not those strata that we can reach with calls to escape the casino and competition. But they are the ones who bear responsibility, make serious decisions and trust in the policies that promise to protect their property.

In the summer of 2016, it became clear who voted for Henkel, reaped fire, broken glass and riots. With four planned evictions (Liebig34 , Potse, Syndikat, Meuterei), there is an inflation-related increase in the amount of damage to the clientele of the ruling parties.

Autonomous Groups

Berlin: Flames for Liebig34 – Against the City of the Rich
On 2.6 we set fire to four Euronet gmbH ATMs (in Berlin Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Neukölln) in solidarity with Liebig 34 and as a warning to the state, capital and its accomplices what will happen if they try to evict L34.
As the owner of the L34 building and the owner of numerous houses in Berlin, Padovicz rents parts of his land to Euronet for commercial use. Independently of this, Euronet’s ATMs are part of the capitalist infrastructure and capital’s plans for the total gentrification of our neighbourhoods. A city is being created, which is centrally involved in the best possible exploitation of mass tourism, and neighbourhoods are being planned which are intended for residents who do not care about fees for withdrawing money.
In such a city, of course, there is no place for anti-hierarchical and self-governing open spaces like the anarcho-queer-feminist housing project such as Liebig 34, which Padovicz, state and capital want to replace with a money machine that serves capital and allows capital to emerge.
Of course, we do not hope for redemption from the courts and we know that the justice system serves the interests of capital.
What we want are occupied houses and decentralized actions in solidarity with Liebig 34 and as a counter-attack on the state and capital.

We are fed up with the plans of Padovicz and all the other rent sharks!
We will meet on the streets of rage!
Liebig 34 will stay!
Solidarity greetings to the uprisings in Minneapolis and the other cities in the USA!

Revenge for George Floyd!

Berlin: Return to Sender – the Fire of their Wars
In the danger zones of Berlin, the police carry out an aggressive spatial occupation by besieging neighborhoods in Friedrichshain and Neukölln or by occupying public places and parks in Kreuzberg. Manhunters are in action against young people, against migrants, against outcasts. They also prepare evictions of occupied spaces. In response to calls for decentralised action, we found what we were looking for in Marzahn and attacked a truck belonging to the war profiteer DB Schenker with simple means in the night of May 27th.

In the shadow of the pandemic and the associated media attention, NATO armies carry out their bloody trade every day on the large and small battlefields of the world.
This is also the case in Rojava. A week ago it was reported that the Turkish state is continuing its attacks on northern Syria. In the village Şiyûx west of Kobanê two civilians have been injured by artillery fire. The area west of Kobanê has been under artillery fire from the Turkish occupation zone around Djarablus for four days. To the west of Ain Issa, artillery attacks have been fired at the M4 link road and the villages Hoşan and Xalidiyê. The shelling has set fire to fields in the region. Fighter jets are circling over Ain Issa. In the villages of Cirin, Qeter and Kulik in the region around Girê Spî (Valley Abyad), Turkish Jihadist occupying forces have set fire to fields.

To the military-civilian complex, this is intended to serve as a decision-making aid for the sensible members of the corporate management: burning trucks as a reason to stop logistics for the NATO forces and to withdraw the vehicle fleet from Berlin. Berlin is a dangerous city for DB Schenker and other companies. Due to the police flooding of some areas, the economy is defenceless against our attacks in other districts.
Those responsible in the Senate recall the decentralized concepts of autonomous groups: whoever signs the eviction order for Liebig34 is committing political suicide. Be it through the unsuccessful siege of certain neighborhoods or the eternally same agitation against the inner enemy; the actors of the city as a target cannot escape us.

To achieve this, the forces that want a fundamental change do not necessarily have to reorient themselves and reposition themselves internationally, as the Volcano Group Shut Down the Power demands in its statement on the attack on the Heinrich Hertz Institute. More consistency and perseverance in implementing previous strategies can also make a difference.

Sabotage war profiteers until they withdraw from the aggression against Rojava!

Attack everything decentrally until the official renunciation of the eviction terror against rented flats, occupied spaces and Liebig34 is announced!

Berlin – ambushed a patrolling Copcar with stones
On 28th of April we ambushed a patrolling Copcar with stones
The repression in the area of Nordkiez in Friedrichshain has become ordinary. The almost daily presence of the cops, the controls, the beating-ups and the “Platzverweise” are some examples that create a siege in the streets around Dorfplatz.
Even if the court case of Liebig34 is postponed for the 03/06, we therefore decided to counterattack some of the ones who oppress and try to make us disappear within this continuously imposed repression.

Even in a period of time where the cops form the role of “sheriffs” by patrolling all the time the area, by bullying and threatening, our position still belongs in the streets.

We will always fight against cops, state and capital. While the oppression and the exploitation continues, through anti-hierarchical struggles we will be there by intervening dynamically and militant against everything that oppress us.

We don’t seek for any form of justice within the court rooms. Today, even more than ever, our resistance against their imposements is even more important.
For a world of equality and solidarity.
No one is alone in the hands of the state.

Solidarity with L34 and R94 and all the strugglers around Nordkiez!

For rebellious neighbourhoods everywhere

Some Solidarians

Arson Attacks Against Two Cars of Bosch and ‚Dr. House Solutions‘

No Evictions, No Security Control! Bosch and Dr. House Solutions Vehicles Torched

There is no curfew yet, but while during the day people in parks and squares catch the first warm rays of sunshine, the streets are quiet and after dusk the streets seem to be empty. Life has withdrawn into the supposed private sphere, social contacts are largely interrupted, communication is shifting to digital. In public space, the opinion dictated from above now prevails. Open meetings, demonstrations – almost every exchange and resistance begins to become invisible, a dystopia.

After the state of emergency the economic crisis will follow, there will be winners and losers. We want to contribute to making the right people lose; investors, homeowners, profiteers of surveillance. Even in times of declared or premature curfews, we will continue to sabotage the gears of the capitalist system and break the silence.

On March 19th, we set fire to a vehicle of the security company Bosch on the Ostseestraße in Pankow, Berlin and the following night we set fire to a vehicle of Dr. House Solutions on the Tiroler Straße in the same district.

The Bosch company was also an exhibitor at this year’s European Police Congress, as well as the organizer of a digital congress in Berlin in February. In order to cope with crises, wars, states of emergency or even the everyday capitalist madness of the Smart Cities in the interests of the ruling classes, they need to constantly expand their security technology. Among other things, a Bosch vehicle was set on fire in December by the FAZ in Hamburg for this reason.

Dr. House Solutions belongs to the Padovic company network. Due to the eviction of Liebig34, which they are still striving for, the further destruction of the Rummelsburger Bucht and further speculative blackmailing of tenants, Padovic and all those who are like him are the targets of our attacks. Likewise, the Berlin Senate wants to continue the eviction of the Syndikat on April 17th, so those responsible must be told: this will be met with resistance. But like the last few nights, we will not wait for Day X, because between us and the system with its order, only the attack has a place.

Berlin: Colour against GreyStay-Apartments
Last night, 28.01.2020, we beautified the reception of GreyStay in Albrechtsraße 34 (Steglitz) from the inside with extinguishing powder and outside with paint. The managing director of Greystay is Ferdinand Wrobel, lawyer of the Padovicz group. He represents the PG in the eviction process against Liebig34 on 30th January in the high-security hall in the Criminal Court Tiergarten.

With his mandate, Wrobel plays a key role in the patriarchal displacement of Berlin’s only anarcha-queer-feminist house project.

An attack on our comrades in the Liebig34 is an attack on all of us. That’s why we decided to fight back.

The Greystay office in a Padovicz house are a good target. Here, Wrobel rents out living space in a legal grey area as furnished apartments to tourists and thus contributes in addition to the displacement. The office serves as reception for the „hotel“.
Wrobel has also lead several eviction proceedings against tenants of the Padovicz Group in the past. In all cases, the eviction had the aim to increase the rents afterwards.
As long as he is ready to do the dirty work for the Padovicz UG we meet him with open hostility. Anyone speculating on housing is a legitimate target for attack.
The fight against displacement and for a city from below intensifies. But every eviction comes at a price, especially when it comes to one of the few queer-feminist spaces.

Let’s tear down their patriarchy with glittering cobblestones!

Berlin – Attacks against SPD offices
Last night, 21.December 2019, three constituency offices of the Berlin SPD were demolished. On the one hand with interior senator Andreas Geisel in Dönhoffstraße (Karlshorst), on the other hand with the finance senator Matthias Kollatz in Schützenstraße (Steglitz) and also at an SPD office Naugarder Straße (Prenzlauer Berg). Our action is directed against the displacement of autonomous spaces in Berlin. With the memorandum of view on the political leaders, we want to remind the city that we do not accept attacks against our structures. If there are evictions, we will dissolve all SPD offices in this city. We operate in FLINT only and mixed reference groups.

Andreas Geisel has been an interior senator since 2016. He was previously a member of the economic consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers, then of Lichtenberg Local Politics (Baustadtrat, Umweltstadtrat and also District Mayor) and for two years Senator for Urban Development. He survived the affair about a party donation from the real estate investor Klaus Groth (50,000 euros so that Geisel makes the development of the Mauerpark by Groth possible) unscathed. Just in time for the attack on Breitscheidplatz, he took over the post of interior senator. Under him, the Berlin police became more and more militarized. He hired hundreds of new cops, even equipped them with tanks for civil wars, and wants to legalize murders by cops with the „Final Rescue Shot“. The new quality of the police state is first felt by those who are already marginalized (e.g. homeless people, migrants or those considered to be those). Not a day goes by when Andreas does not defend his gang of professional thugs and murderers, relativizes their actions and legitimizes them under the rule of law. Any small push to regulate the safety apparatus is rebuffed. Even the investigation of the crimes of the network of Nazis and cops are blocked by Geisel (e.g. Investigative Committee Neukölln). Instead, he uses every opportunity to discredit freedom, to cover it with „factual violence“ and to criminalize opposition movements. Geisel continues what Henkel (CDU) started. He, too, will bite his teeth at the plan to make Berlin a clean but hostile place. The increasing number of militant actions shows that the expansion of the security architecture cannot bring about social peace.

Matthias Kollatz has been a finance senator since 2014. First for the CDU/SPD Senate, now for Red/Red/Green. Previously, he was with the European Investment Bank and also held hostage at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is a friend of publicly-promoted economic growth while privatizing. He recently managed to push through his record budget of 31 billion for 2020, with few changes. Matthias’s success story is long, but the public is not interested in what is behind it.

One third of the tax revenue goes to state employees (bulls, teachers, etc.). The investments for social housing mainly flow into the overpriced buyback of former state-owned apartments of DeutscheWohnen and AdoProperties and increase the returns of the shareholders. By the way, the state-owned housing company Berlinovo, as a bankrupt mass of the Berlin banking scandal, is once again generating profits – because it only offers overpriced housing.
As the top treasurer, Kollatz also manages all the country’s possessions and plays as KingofCastle. This also includes the fact that the Land of Berlin is speculating with the remaining building land and vacant buildings. The finance senator prevents the continuation of projects such as Potse&Drugstore because he either has other plans for the buildings or keeps the long list of possible replacement objects secret.

The way in which the Finance Senate and the Senate in Berlin act as de facto decision-makers has made the two senators a target for us.

We all stay! Liebig34, Potse&Drugstore, Syndi, Meute..