Texts about 34

Wir haben uns in den letzte Monaten zusammengesetzt und eine Dokumentation feministischer militanter Aktionen in der BRD in den Jahren 2019 und 2020 erarbeitet.

Für Liebhaber*innen gedruckter Veröffentlichungen liegen mancherorts schon Exemplare der Broschüre aus.

Broschure: Feministische Gegengewalt

Hugs and Kisses for Liebig34

Liebig34 is one of the threatened projects in the city of Berlin. After the expiring of the rental contract in 2018 and the refusal of Gijora Padovicz – one of the largest individual landlords in the city- to renew it, the people of Liebig34 decided to stay in the house without a contract. Since then a multifaceted struggle has developed, aiming to postpone and prevent the eviction of the house, and has become symbolic in the radical movement’s struggle against gentrification, an issue rapidly increasing in the city in the past decades.
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Liebig34 – Raided. Radical. Motivated.

Saturday 20.07.2019 Friedrichshainer Nordkiez:

This morning, the cops of the LKA 5.21 unit under the command of Kranich raided Liebig34. Unusual was the Saturday, unusual the mix of units from different departments. New were a few civil cop faces, not new: the repression.
The reason for this raid was probably stones thrown from the house during the last few weeks. After the cops collected stones from the Dorfplatz around 2:30 this morning, they obtained a court order and search warrant to search part of our house and returned around 6:30 a.m.
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The Fight for Liebig34 Goes Further

Padovicz wants to snitch away the house, while the politicians are trying to keep our mouths shut. Both parties are awaiting a final court decision. We do not let any cis-men decide about the future of our anarcha-queer-feminist project, cause simply no one should decide about us, but ourselves.
Lateley, the presence of cops in our neighbourhood increased massively. Helicopters are flying daily and nightly over our roofs. Multiple police vans drive through our streets and ID-controls become part of everyday normality.
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