multiply anti-racist and anti-colonial struggles!

We want to use the context of the action week to also multiply anti-racist and anti-colonial struggles. As they are often looked over in the broader struggle of the radical left and feminist movement, are however an integral part.
The german streets and public spaces, littered with racist and colonialist monuments, show that there is no reflection in germany about it’s colonial past and present, as well as the racism throughout society and it’s institutions. To push a discourse, many calls to attack colonial racist monuments have been made, and the propaganda of action pushes for more of these actions. Here is a call or rather a publication of an action we call for to be followed (it’s in german):
attacking colonial racist monuments isn’t hard. for example you can find different targets on However when taking a stroll around Mitte, you can find many more targets that aren’t collected in the map. After some education you can most likely grab some friends, and do some creative thing to the statue. Some tipps and tricks you can learn in a workshop in the action week or read about it online.